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Social responsibility

Bestoplast,a societal company

Since its creation, Bestoplast has been able to acquire an undeniable know-how and experience, to be a partner of the State in its projects of the country’s infrastructure and the distribution of drinking water on the whole Tunisian territory.

Bestoplast has succeeded in ensuring an extensive national implantation from the North to the South and from the East to the West of the country. Wishing to follow a path of excellence and development, Bestoplast accompanies its customers in the realization of their projects at the international level, and exports its pipes in the countries of the great Maghreb and in Africa.

Bestoplast Main projects :

Since its creation, Bestoplast has supplied thousands of km of HDPE pipes for SONEDE, CRDA and oil companies.
It has thus contributed to the reinforcement of the national infrastructure of drinking water distribution networks, irrigated areas and sanitation.


They have trusted us

Our activity is not based on a simple commercial relationship; we take care to satisfy our customers and to create a relationship of trust to work with each of them on the long term.