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Our factory

5 extrusion lines for a production capacité of 9000 T/year

In order to meet the market demand, Bestoplast has equipped itself with 5 extrusion lines with an approximate production capacity of 9000 T/year and capable of producing a diversified range of pipes in terms of pressures (from 4 to 25 bars) and diameters (from 25 to 630 mm) meeting all expectations and requirements.

HDPE: 3 production lines ranging from diameter 25 to diameter 630 mm with a production capacity of 7000 Tons/year.
PVC: 2 production lines ranging from diameter 20 to 315 mm with a production capacity of 2000 Tons/year.

Our laboratory

We are the sole guarantor of the quality of our products.

All the tests and trials necessary to certify the conformity of our products to the international standards in force are carried out in-house in our laboratory, one of our assets at Bestoplast, an ultra-modern laboratory which contains high-tech machinery to guarantee the reliability and quality of our products.

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