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The specialist in complete piping solutions since more than 25 years

Bestoplast is a Tunisian industrial company specialized in HDPE And PVC Pipes Extrusion since more than 25 years.
Along with its industrial activity, Bestoplast Tunisia assures the commercialisation of adaptable fittings to our pipes, to be today a confirmed specialist in the marketing of complete solutions of piping.

Our pipes are designed for various uses, in particular the distribution of drinking water or irrigation, the evacuation of waste water, the transport of gas and they are also used in industrial conduits, as well as in the real estate.

Today, being one of the renowned companies in its field, aware of the importance of its positioning in its market, and of the requirements of its strategy based on customer satisfaction, Bestoplast aims at excellence through innovation, one of the key values of the company which will be further developed in our factory to define the ambitions and future orientations of our team.

History and notoriety


October 25

Historique 1 en

Bestoplast was the first company to introduce polyethylene pipes in Tunisia, replacing lead pipes.

October 24

Historique 2-en

Bestoplast was acquired by the Tunisian Group MZABI in 1992. Thus Bestoplast aligned itself with the family entrepreneurial traditions of this group, to distinguish itself in its field by its commitments, its seriousness and the quality of its services. In this respect, the industry has succeeded in building strong relationships with its customers that span several decades.

October 23

Historique 3-en

Bestoplast started its production with a capacity of 180 tons for diameters ranging from 16 to 315mm with only 2 production lines. Today, Bestoplast has 5 high-tech extrusion lines with production capacities up to 9000 tons/year: 7000 tons HDPE and 2000 tons PVC.

October 22

Historique 4-en

Bestoplast has been able to adapt to market developments and was the first company to introduce large diameters of polyethylene pipes and thus develop the production of 630 mm OD pipes in 2001. Since 2018, Bestoplast expanded its production range by developing the PVC pipes extrusion.

October 21

Historique 5-en

Bestoplast was one of the first companies in its field to integrate quality procedures since 1999 and was certified ISO 9001 in 2004, and since then it has followed all the changes to offer its customers the best quality and the best service.
Bestoplast succeeded in participating in the realization of more than a hundred projects of drinking water distribution distributed all over the Tunisian territory.